Of course I did not really ever intend to be a History professor’s TA, but I have a degree in history technically. I just took a lot of history classes because they are easy for me and so I ended up getting the requirements for the degree before I finished up with the computer science. Right now I am working on some local history projects and using this program called scan speeder to see how it works on these photos I need to scan into the data base. That is going to consume a lot of my time and of course I am in a bit of trouble over these two girls who have been flirting with me. The two of them have decided that I should give them better grades than they deserve, although they are not really offering anything in return. I told the professor that I was sort of letting them play the game, which she did not appreciate. Of course this is like the plot to countless dirty movies and fantasies, but hardly worth the trouble for me. I have a girlfriend and she does better than tease.

At any rate I am going to be out of school by the next semester’s end. I am just hanging around right now because I need two courses that are not available except in the Spring and Fall Semesters. I have taken care of everything else and in fact I have already started on the stuff I need to do for those two courses. I have plenty of time for it and these are going to be rather difficult courses, so it is not going to hurt me to get a head start on the material or the projects that will need to be done to complete the courses.