I wasn’t looking to jump into a relationship when I first came to this here because I was focused on starting my new career and getting settled in with life in general in a city and state that I had never lived in before. I’ve only been here for about 10 months, and I’m already searching for a San Francisco wedding photographer and setting up plans for a honeymoon! Life always has interesting twists in store for me, and now I am someone’s wife for the very first time. My life is also very hectic, so I wanted to keep everything simple and not deal with spending a lot of money and a year of my time setting up a big wedding.

I met my husband in the laundry room at the apartment complex that I moved into when I first moved here. We probably bumped into one another while doing laundry about 5 times before we finally spoke to one another. I briefly noticed that he was busy pulling his clothing out of different washing machines to put into a big dryer, and he somehow grabbed some of my things out of one of the washers. He didn’t realize it until he noticed a pair of my red underwear whirling around in the dryer through the glass window on the front of the machine. We got to talking while we pulled my clothing out of his dryer, and the next thing I knew, he asked me out for a date.

After six months of dating, he asked me to marry him. We decided that our wedding day should be low-key. We wanted less emphasis on the ceremony, and instead, we wanted to focus on the fun of the day as a newly married couple afterward. We found a wedding photographer who really listened to us, and she was interested in tagging along to take photos of us while we wore our wedding finery around town to some of the fun things we had planned with our friends and family.