I have always wished that I could be an artist. It is infinitely frustrating to have an imagine in your mind that you’re not able to express onto a medium. Despite my inability to even draw the most simple of things like a circle that doesn’t come out oblong, I find myself doodling – there’s no goal in mind with my doodling as I typically create geometric patterns which fill up the page I’m working on. Nothing to hang up in the Louver or be mistaken for William Blake! Which reminds me, this Allposters coupon is perfect for that sort of thing – awesome new prints for the home.

One of my favorite artists has been William Blake for a long time. Not traditionally known for his works of art but instead of his poetry and other writings, he has been a profoud inspiration for me over the years. I can remember sitting in Latin class back in 5th grade when I would stare at a poster which showed a tiger peering out from a dark jungle while the beginning of his piece The Tyger filled up one whole side. I would sit there, reading it over and over, my mind fill with profound imagery.

It’s that imagery I wish I could unlock. No matter how much practice that I’ve done over the years I just cannot re-create what is in my mind onto paper. Words come much more easily to me than a straight line does but despite my ability to write well when I desire to, I will always feel frustrated with my lack of artistic capability. Maybe it will come to me later in life, such things can happen! My grandmother didn’t begin painting until she was nearly 63 but her pieces turned out to be beautiful examples of her favorite medium.