There was a great nashville family photographer that was available right when we needed it. Our entire family was going to be coming for a family reunion, and we were all very exited because it was the first time that the family was going to be coming our way for the reunion. We really wanted things to be special, because it was such a privilege to have all of the family at our home. We have a nice house, so we were able to house about fifteen people at our home. There were going to be about seventy people that were going to be coming to our home, so we had to find hotels for the rest of the family that we were not going to be able to house.

Everything was set up perfectly for the reunion, we converted every space in our home that was free into space where people could sleep, because we really wanted to have everyone that we loved close to us. We were able to rent a huge event tent, because we wanted to have a nice tent and a dance floor. We had the whole thing catered, and the day before the reunion, everything seemed perfect. My daughter suggested that we should get a huge family photo since all of the family was going to be present. I really thought that was a great idea, but I had no idea where we were going to be able to find a photographer at that late hour.

My son looked online and he called a lot of places, and we found a Nashville Family Photographer. They told us that they had a wedding cancellation, so that they would be able to come out to our reunion. We were so happy the day of the reunion, everybody came with their colorful shirts on. We had a great time playing games and eating, and of course the dance was awesome. At about two in the afternoon the photographer came and got a family picture of all seventy of us. The picture came out great, and we were able to send one to all of the members of the the family. The reunion turned out great, and we were told that it was the best reunion yet.