... wanted a forest themed wedding we brought all the green flowers andMy fiance and I are not going cheap on the wedding to save money, but that is a part of the scheme. We just do not feel as though we need anything ostentatious. In truth we are both rather far away from our families and there are practical reasons why it is best not to drag them all out to New Mexico to watch us walk down an aisle. We shall put on some nice clothes and get some cheap wedding flowers, but the ceremony is probably going to be at a courthouse. In fact we have decided that we shall probably have a church wedding at some future date, something which will be for the benefit of our families. Emily says that her Mother will insist upon that, but it shall have to wait until after both of us are out of art school. For me that shall be in about three months, but Emily is behind me and she shall probably not get her law degree until the winter of 2013.

So the real big wedding with all of the people invited is going to probably wait for over a year. That seems a bit more than odd, but it is a practical necessity for us. We can live without it though and if our parents would not be disappointed we would probably go without the church wedding completely. We are going to get a couple of our friends together for a small wedding reception and then we shall probably study for our final exams, which are the real priority right at this moment. None of this works out unless we both stay on track to achieve our immediate goals and that involves getting out of school and then passing the bar exam. After that we need to get out of debt.