When I was younger I thought I was going to be a marine biologist. A year later after that, I was firmly set on becoming a ‘earth biologist’, as I put it to my parents. Not long after making that decision I had decided instead that I would become a graphic artist with the goal of having my work shown in NYC Times Square, whether it was a piece of art or an advertisement. There’s nothing wrong with lofty goals but I think I’m content with helping pass around this Fathead promo code I got from my boss at Fathead!

I haven’t been working for them long but some of my designs have been showcased on the site. Technically, I’m sort of an independent contractor for them but I’ve worked on a couple of their bigger marketing projects as well as doing some indie work for them to help fill out their selection of different designs. Fathead is one of the premier sites to get high quality vinyl wall decals appropriate for home, office or event. My pieces have been fairly abstract designs more suited for the home but you can find nearly any sort of decal or logo on the site these days.

The graphic design industry has changed so much since I first began taking classes at ITT Tech. With more advanced tools that have allowed us to actually alter live streaming footage, we’re taking the idea of design to an entirely new level that transcends just the traditional notion of static art. Technology is beginning to synergize with art in a profound way, introducing us to new concepts of art that we hadn’t thought of before. Entirely unique mediums for us to create within are being created even now – just imagine what we’ll be able to with augmented reality when the tech becomes more incorporated into every day life!